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A Casa Fortuna

Around - São João da Boã Vista

The surrounding area - Town, Country, River and Sea

The village of São João da Boã Vista is part of the municipality of Tábua. The small town of the same name is 3 km from Casa Fortuna and has everything you need: various supermarkets (e.g. Lidl, Intermarché), an indoor and outdoor swimming pool and a modern organic shop with restaurant, Verdelhão, run by Dutch people. There is also a hospital in Tàbua (Centro de Saude).

On the road to Tabua.
View of Tábua from São Joāo da Boa VistaView of Tábua from São Joāo da Boa Vista
Walk through the forest to Tábua (3 km)Walk through the forest to Tábua (3 km)

Tábua is located in a territory crossed by the two rivers Mondego and Alva, between the Serra da Estrela, the Caramulo mountains and the Atlantic Ocean.


The entire region offers a unique and varied landscape with extensive hiking trails.

Hiking trail in the Alva valleyHiking trail in the Alva valley

Coja (11 km)

The small town of Coja is located on the Alva River and offers not only great swimming opportunities, but also a town centre that is well worth a visit. Every third Saturday of the month there is a big flea market and handicraft market with an international atmosphere. Lots of hippies.

Hippie Love
Praia de CojaPraia fluvial de Côja - River beach in Côjawith a restaurant

Coimbra and Viseu

Coimbra (62 km), the country's former capital, is certainly worth a visit, if only for its well-preserved medieval old town and its baroque library (Biblioteca Joanina), built in the historic university on the site of an old palace.

Viseu (60 km), a city steeped in history, is situated on the Rio Pavia. The Romans were here - various milestones of the Roman roads that crossed have been preserved to this day throughout the region - then came the Visigoths and then the Moors (early 8th century).

Roman road This well-preserved Roman road is located in Mondego, near Tábua.


Serra da Estrela, about 30 km from Casa Fortuna.
With an area of about 1000 km², the Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela covers almost the entire massif of the highest mountain in mainland Portugal, making it the largest nature reserve in the country. The natural waterfalls of Poço da Broca (28 km), Vide (32 km), Poço da Broca do Muro (32 km), Fraga da Pena (25 km) and Poço Fundeiro (32 km), can be reached in 45 minutes by sometimes winding, but beautiful roads

A picturesque place called Seia, in the Estrela mountains, can be reached in just 40 minutes (35 km).


Mondego, 10 km and Alva 20 km, Dão near Santa Comba Dão. In Santa Comba Dão you can not only swim in the huge Praia Fluvial Senhora da Ribeira (18 km) or relax in the beach bars, but also rent canoes and sail for hours on the Mondego.

MondegoThe Mondego next to Tábua

A few steps from São João da Boã Vista, you can also swim in the Mondego or go canoeing. There are also beautiful river beaches on the Alva. There are also many hiking trails that lead to the many viewpoints in the region.

Autumn view of the Serra do Açor (foothills of the Serra da Estrela)Vue automnale sur la Serra do Açor (contreforts de la Serra da Estrela)
Rio AlvaRio Alva

Sea: vast beaches on the Atlantic

Figueira da foz, située à 97 km de Casa Fortuna, est devenue célèbre dans le pays à la fin du 19e siècle en tant que station balnéaire mondaine. Aujourd'hui encore, cette station balnéaire au bord de l'Atlantique est connue pour ses vastes plages de sable et son casino Figueira, mais aussi pour diverses manifestations musicales et sportives. Figueira da foz est facilement accessible en une bonne heure par l'autoroute.

A little further north are the towns of Quiaios and Tocha, known for their isolated and beautiful beaches, as well as the beaches near Mira to Aveiro.


Less than 10 km from Casa Fortuna begins the great Mondego hiking trail.

beautiful forest road

It is a 142 km route that crosses the municipalities of Montemor-o-Velho, Coimbra, Penacova and Tábua, all of which are linked by the Mondego River.

The route allows visitors to discover many natural, landscape and cultural sights around Portugal's main river.

Thanks to the different mountain ranges that surround Tàbua, charming tourist and cultural attractions await the visitor. These attractions range from valleys formed by rivers and streams with crystal clear waters, to huge granite rocks such as Pedra da Sé, (13 km) Penedo Cabana (12 km) or Penedo Oxcilante,(42 km), viewpoints shaped by nature.

There are also various walking opportunities from Oliveira do Hospital (17 km), a village founded at the time of the Second Crusade (1147-1149). There are many monuments in the Oliveira do Hospital district, including a series of religious buildings, mansions and fountains. The Mozarabic church of São Pedro de Lourosa in Lourosa and the Baroque church of São Gião are also worth a visit. In the municipality of Bobadela there are Roman ruins and a well-preserved amphitheatre.

Other great hiking trails also at Caldas da Felgueira (31 km).

Fiais da Beira (Oliveira do Hospital) Rocky area with a fantastic view Fiais da Beira (Oliveira do Hospital) Rocky area with a fantastic view
Fiais da Beira Fiais da Beira

Bike rides

Bike rides with bike rental on the ecopista do Dão, between Santa Comba Dão (25 km) and Viseu (60 km).

Horseback riding

Those who wish to discover the impressive region on horseback have the opportunity to find the right quadruped for a trip via Portugal by horse.

It is also possible to take riding lessons at the Quinta Lusitânian.

Horseback riding and Natural HorseWomanship with the horses of Conny KadiaHorseback riding and Natural HorseWomanship with the horses of Conny Kadia

Coaching with horses and Natual Horsewomanship is what Conny Kadia offers in Seixo da Beira, in the district of Oliveira do Hospital.


Yoga: we highly recommend the Cara Creek Eco Lodge in Fiais da Baira, where the American Ashley offers yoga classes in the wilderness or courses to become a yoga teacher (classes in English and Portuguese)


Casa Fortuna is located in the heart of one of the oldest wine regions, with the DOC Dão (Denominação de Origem Controlada) - a paradise for wine lovers.

The main grape varieties are touriga, tinta pinheira and alvarelhão for red wine, and arinto, dona branca and barcelos for white wine.

The Dão region is also home to the famous creamy mountain cheese, Quejo de Ovelho, a very special sheep's cheese that comes naturally from mountain farmers in small valleys.

Suggested excursions and culinary specialities in the Dão region


Tábua: Verdelhão - creative organic vegetable dishes, fresh fish, good steaks in a relaxed atmosphere. Excellent wine selection. R. Indústria 35

Hotel Luna - with Beirão aperitif bar. Regional cuisine at the Oliva restaurant, where you can also taste Quejo de Ovelho and Dão wines. Av. Prof. Dr. Caeiro da Matta, phone: +351 235 249 170

Arte E Tempero - American, Brazilian and South American cuisine, famous for its burgers. Also offers various salads and vegan dishes. Rua Doutor Francisco Beirão Edf Coca Loja 2 A, Phone: +351 969 254 179

Other restaurants in and around Tábua.

In the surrounding area, there are weekly markets in almost every village, where you can buy almost anything, from vegetables and special grilled chicken (frango assado) to felt slippers.

Around - São João da Boã Vista

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